FAB Module (Features/ Advantages/ Benefits)

FAB Module (Features/ Advantages/ Benefits)


FAB Module
(Features/ Advantages/ Benefits)

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FEATURE: 1 TB hard drive.
ADVANTAGE: Integrate a large amount of software and store a large number of files.
BENEFIT: you can store all your important documents on one computer without having to worry about performance issues.

FEATURE: 6 kg Portable medical ultraymachine
ADVANTAGE: light weight - easy to move
BENEFIT: can buy only 1 machine for 2 clinics and for home visit services.

FEATURE: Internal battery
ADVANTAGE: 1.5 hr (90min) scanning time
BENEFIT: Can work even at electricity failure times.
Medical Ultrasound machine

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• Digital Camera:
128 GB internal storage
10X zoom lens
4000 mAh Battery

• Cotton shirt:
100% cotton
Slim fit
100 EGP

• Online training course:
Certified from European University
Presented by great instructors
Can attend it online